15.08 2018

Are you made for a job on an oil rig ?

Oil rig job
Are you made for a job on an oil rig ?

Engineers and technicians remain the most sought after positions for oil companies. Nevertheless, many jobs are now available in the oil sector. Therefore, are you made for a job on an oil rig?

The constraints of the jobs on an oil rig

Working on an oil rig requires certain conditions. Working hours are among the most restrictive. The hours are in fact between 80 and 100 hours per week. In addition, their location does not allow workers to contact their relatives. The working hours extend over several weeks to several months. Therefore, a physical and mental preparation is essential before working in these units.

Workers on an oil rig are also subjected to harsh weather conditions, including workers at offshore platforms (located on the sea). The weather (wind, rainfall ) is multiplying indeed on the sea. Thus, a physical with great shape is necessary to support the meteorological hostilities. Of course, logistics and technical skills remain the same for any job. To these skills is added the English language, because the instructions are usually mentioned in english.

The qualities required to work on an oil rig

Workers on an oil rig must have a huge open - mindedness. This quality is indeed necessary because of the diversity of culture. In fact, an oil unit can have up to 70 different nationalities. Being quick off the mark and having a team spirit are equally essential because of the proximity of the workers.

In addition, good responsiveness is essential to solve various problems as soon as possible. In addition, the minimum age required is 18 years old. In general, the positions offered are varied and companies solicit in this case engineers, workers, cooks, welders, electricians, painters ... In addition, a simple worker can gradually climb the ladder after months of hard work and perseverance. Therefore, a cleaning operative may become a site manager if he shows seriousness and dynamism.

The benefits from working on an oil rig

Salary is the main benefit that you can have from a job on an oil platform. In addition, the working periods vary from a few weeks to several months. Thus, employees benefit from a large period of time off. Moreovern the workers are fed and housed without pay. Nevertheless, the living spaces seem very narrow because of the number of staff and the narrowness of living spaces.

Nowadays, oil companies are taking on more and more young beginners to enrich their staff. This is indeed the case of HBS International, a gas exploration and production company based in Egypt headed by Tarek Bouchamaoui. In addition, the businessman from Tunisia offers specialized training for 250 beneficiaries in the area of oil and gas exploitation. Moreover, Tarek Bouchamaoui travels between the capital of Tunisia and that of Egypt to oversee these formations.