Jobs related to oil

Jobs related to oil

The oil realm is in constant search of its rare gem. It is a job considered as elitist because it recruits only the best. Depending on experience and skills, candidates selected on the move can claim very high pay. But what profile are we looking for? What do you expect from aspiring oil workers? What kind of benefits can they expect?

What is the profile of an employee of the oil field ?

The positions offered in this area and especially on the oil platforms are very technical. They are a expecting a descent into the field and the immediate application of knowledge. It is necessary to use the intelligence to be able to put into practice the acquired ones. An intellectual mind is fundamental to the proper use of the materials used.

A great physical strength and adaptation to all types of climates are required. The oil companies belong to the so-called strategic trades. They are open to all types of profiles such as geologists, petroleum engineers, oil technicians, deep water explorers or professional drillers.

To identify the materials that make up the necessary for the oil activity, the support of a geologist is very effective. He must therefore contribute his know-how to make this identification operation a reality. In addition, drilling experts are adept at exploring the bottom of the underwater waters. These are complex tasks that are important to ask for their contribution.

What are the qualities required ?

The giants of the oil field are obliged to refer to the graduates of the referential schools in this field. It is important to help them in their research for a qualified employee. As they are scattered all over the world, the oil companies are looking for a mobilization from their petroleum job candidate.

Moving internationally is common as Tarek Bouchamaoui is used to doing. Applicants must prepare to leave their country to land in an unknown country, in the interest of society. This is the first quality required in addition to the ability to adapt to any situation.

Strong will to enlist and communicative ability are desirable. The applicant must also be flexible in order to conform to the culture of the country to which he / she is landing. HBS International is a good reference in Tunisia.

What benefits can be expected in an oil sector?

Very productive and active, the discipline of oil does not stop hiring. Contracts are executed as permanent. Trainee or employee directly operational, career development is fast. It is possible to move to a position of responsibility in a short time even having started with the lowest scale.

Although the staff are very active, there are enough tasks to be performed. There is always something to do and positions to set your sights on. Yet recruitment consultant struggle to find qualified people. The pay is very attractive especially for candidates looking for positions of responsibility.

This branch is multidisciplinary and opens up to several areas including buildings and public works, marketing or finance. Staff training is a very important aspect according to Tarek Bouchamaoui. The salary of the workers as executives is most attractive.